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Port of Halifax Keeps Ships in Business

A large cargo vessel diverted into the Port of Halifax for emergency repairs. Fishing lines were tangled around its stern tube. All-Sea Atlantic quickly mobilized its expert team of divers and technicians to safely repair the stern seals underwater while the vessel was at anchor.

All-Sea-Logo Crews worked round-the-clock so the ship was able to refuel, keep its sailing schedule, and did not have to go into drydock.

“With good visibility, low current and a protected, ice-free harbour, the conditions and location of Halifax are ideal for assisting commercial vessels crossing the Atlantic or coming through the St. Lawrence Seaway,” says Mike Hutton, owner of All-Sea Atlantic Ltd.

All-Sea Atlantic provides mandatory inspections and underwater maintenance (like prop polishing). The company is a world leader in straightening large propellers. “Our proprietary cold static loading process returns propellers to near design geometry, protecting against future vibration, cavitation, and engine loading problems—which translate to lost time, fuel economy and money,” says Mr. Hutton.

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More ships are taking advantage of Halifax’s sophisticated engineering, technical services and state-of-the-art equipment that’s available for rapid deployment 24/7. Many Local agents such as F.K. Warren, Furncan Marine, I.H. Mathers are ready to assist with the complete spectrum of port and logistics services for vessel tech stops in the Port of Halifax. Service providers, such as Canadian Maritime Engineering Ltd., Irving Shipbuilding Inc., KMS Marine Ltd., and All-Sea Atlantic provide high quality, customized solutions to complex repairs.

“All the projects we undertake are engineered and carried out in collaboration with the ship’s superintendent and in cooperation with other service providers to ensure work is done efficiently, expertly and safely,” says Mr. Hutton.

“Halifax has excellent capacity for technical stops, where a number of things can be addressed in a highly coordinated fashion, from onboard radar repairs to bunker services from Sterling Fuels,” says Patrick Bohan, director of supply chain solutions, Halifax Port Authority.

The Port of Halifax is North America’s first inbound and last outbound Gateway. This convenient location, with its protected, post-Panamax berths and close proximity to specialized equipment, supplies and services, is contributing to Halifax’s international reputation as a top marine services provider.