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Nova Cold Storage Keeps it Cool


Visit any grocery store and it’s not hard to see that demand for unique, perishable foods is growing. To meet this global demand, producers, processors and transporters are looking to expand their cold chain capacity and the Halifax Gateway is hungry to help.


“Nova Cold’s new facility ensures cold chain integrity because trailers and containers are loaded and sealed inside a 50 ft. refrigerated dock,” says Barry Smith, president of Nova Cold Storage. “That way product is never thermally exposed to outside conditions.


  Nova Cold’s new 60,000 sq. ft. facility in the
  Halifax Logistics Park will be able to store 10
  million pounds of refrigerated product.

Located in the Halifax Logistics Park in Burnside, Nova Cold is just 15 minutes from the Port of Halifax. With 1,000 reefer plugs available at the container terminals one can easily see where Halifax is getting its reputation as the leader in the movement of food products to and from international markets.

“Our unique cold storage system offers customers a more secure and reliable link
in the cold chain,” continues Smith. “From
 our warehouse, they can plug into the additional reefer capacity at the Port creating a Win Win scenario.”

Globally connected, Nova Cold is part of the International Refrigerated Warehouse Association and the World Food Logistics Organization. The company serves as a food logistics centre for processors, exporters, freight forwarders, buyers and sellers large and small. Their large freezers enable clients to seize market opportunities by holding inventories, offering custom services, and rapidly assembling loads to deliver superior quality food products.

On a typical day Nova Cold stores a range of high-profit products; from beef to blueberries, scallops to snow crab, and even delicacies like sea cucumbers on their way to Asia. At capacity, the new facility will allow for storage of in excess of 5,500 pallets of frozen and refrigerated products. That adds up to 10 million pounds of produce, meat or seafood and is enough to fill 250 ocean containers at any one time.

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