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Service and location creates value


Gateway Facilities warehouse in Halifax, NS
Gateway Facilities’ customers save money thanks to its location in Halifax and unique warehouse.


“We prepare the loads in refrigerated space and then get them to the aircraft in less than two minutes,” says Doug McRae, CEO, Gateway Facilities. “The next closest airport where wide-bodied planes can park next to the building is Miami or Los Angeles.”

The company is located at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, providing:

  • easy access to Europe from the closest airport in North America
  • trucking via a well-developed highway system
  • close proximity to seafood sources  

The new warehouse with temperature-controlled space is a joint venture with the airport and a great example of how the Halifax Gateway works.

 “Collaboration with the airport was critical to create this unique asset,” says Doug.

Expand your markets

The constant low temperatures and reduced travel time:

  • add value by maintaining the quality of seafood and other perishables
  • extend the distance you can ship sensitive products like live lobster
  • save costs on fuel and shipping
  • reduce potential product loss

As a result, customers have expanded market opportunities – they can send a quality product further.

About Gateway Facilities

Gateway Facilities ULC prepares and repackages truck and air cargo going to and from the rest of North America, Europe and Asia. It has 40,000 square feet of warehouse space – 7,000 square feet of it temperature controlled.

Already, the company has handled seafood caught in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  

Gateway Facilities’ services include:

  • warehousing
  • ground handling
  • pallet building and breaking
  • fuelling and de-icing of aircraft

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