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Canadian icon chooses Halifax

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 Since first moving cargo through Halifax in 2005, Canadian Tire has made the Halifax Gateway an integral part of the company’s supply chain.


“Halifax is a competitive advantage, the work force is very stable, and goods flow seamlessly” says Jody Fitzpatrick, Associate VP of international transportation and operations support, Canadian Tire Corporation.

Prior to the change, all of the company’s cargo went through Vancouver – even the 11% destined for Atlantic Canada.  

The company has found many advantages to the Halifax Gateway:

  • lower costs from reduced one-way shipping
  • great reliability and service
  • available shipping capacity

“Halifax is a very close-knit community. It’s easy to get things done and find the services we need,” Jody adds.

Canadian Tire Corporation now moves 10% of its total offshore shipments through Halifax, using a range of services:

  • the Port of Halifax
  • CN Rail
  • transload facilities and services, including Consolidated FastFrate
  • trucking and the highway system

“Halifax Gateway is incorporated into our business and we don’t see that changing,” concludes Jody.

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Canadian Tire Chooses Halifax