Strategic Canadian location for the efficient movement of goods and people by road, rail, air and sea.


Halifax Gateway Research

A variety of research initiatives have been undertaken by the Halifax Gateway Council and Partners:

Goods To Go

The Halifax Logistics Park is located within Burnside Business Park, the largest business park north of Boston and east of Montreal with more than 1,500 enterprises. The Logistics Park is situated next to five 100-series highways and within a 10-to-15 minute drive of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the Port of Halifax and the city's downtown district. 

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Halifax Gateway Council Strategic Plan 2010-2015

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Halifax Gateway Transportation and Logistics Sector Profile

The Halifax Gateway includes all of the businesses and organizations in Halifax that link others to the rest of North America by air, sea, road and rail. The Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the Port of Halifax, CN Rail, the logistics and warehousing sector and our class-1 highway infrastructure are also key components. Learn how the Halifax Gateway makes the connection... with lower costs and higher profits for you. 

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Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor Strategy

The Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor is a modern, competitive, and integrated air, rail, marine, and road freight transportation network. Canada's Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor provides a quick, reliable, and secure transportation network between North American markets and markets in Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia via the Suez Canal. Click here to visit the website for the Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor Strategy.

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Port of Halifax: 2009 Economic Impact Report

This paper provides analysis into the economic impacts of the Port of Halifax on Nova Scotia and the Halifax Region. The use of original research, previous reports and secondary data sources were used to calculate the economic output, contribution to gross domestic product, wages, jobs, and fiscal impacts from Port activity in 2007. The paper provides insight to the broader role of the Port in the local and provincial economy.

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Halifax Stanfield International Airport: 2010 Economic Impact

Halifax International Airport is one of Canada’s fastest growing airports. This paper provides analysis into the economic impact of the airport on both Halifax and Nova Scotia. It covers the major sections, study approach, economic impacts, fiscal impacts, socio-economic impacts and finally comes to the conclusion that Halifax Stanfield International Airport represents a major economic, fiscal and employment generator for Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia overall.

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Halifax Air Cargo Market Study & Business (2007)

This study and business case takes a look at the Air Cargo industry as a whole, while addressing global trends and challenges, current competition and industry demands. This research, combined with case studies and key findings, was used to determine the next steps recommended for Halifax’s Air Cargo business.

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2007 - Building the Container Transload Sector

In 2004, the HPA and partners undertook a study of potential distribution centre (DC) activity that could take place from Halifax. The major piece of learning from the study was that distribution centre activity was unlikely to take place in the short to medium term, but that a hybrid of DCs, container transload activity, held some potential.

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Halifax Gateway Council Economic Impact Study (2005)

The purpose of this report is to document the economic impact of the Halifax Gateway. In order to develop and promote the Halifax Gateway, it is necessary to understand and quantify the economic importance of the Gateway. The measures of economic impact in this report include employment and wages generated by Halifax, GDP and economic output contribution and also taxes and fees paid to the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

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Greater Halifax Distribution Study (2004)

This study seeks to evaluate the potential for fulfillment centre activities along the Halifax-Moncton Corridor, leveraging the proximity to the Port of Halifax and multimodal transportation connections to New England and Central Canada. It also offers a full analysis into whether Halifax could serve as a North American gateway.   

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A New Vision For the Future

This paper provides analysis into the Halifax Gateway Council’s plans to meet its full potential. Looking at Gateway today, the changing environment and the realisation of the vision, HGC was able to develop a plan to move forward. This proactive plan will help further develop the Halifax Gateway for the economic benefit and social well-being of the regional and national economies.

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Loaded cargo ship leaving the Port of Halifax

2013-2014 Highlights

Maximize Mega Projects
  • APEC research study described impact of $115B in Mega Projects on region. 
  • Mega Projects map created to promote investments in Atlantic Canada 
  • Mega Project awareness event with industry panel held in Mississauga 
  • Events in Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Dusseldorf-Neuss to raise awareness of Mega Projects 
  • Mega Projects map distributed to all Canadian Embassies in European Union
  • Maximize Free Trade Agreements 
  • Delivered a Gateway mission to Europe focused on CETA messaging and awareness: Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Dusseldorf-Neuss
  • CETA Cold Chain mapping brochure created and translated for Vietnamese Market
  • Hosted delegation from China briefed on the benefits of doing business with Halifax Gateway
  • Presented to the CIIT Parliamentary Standing Committee on early opportunities from CETA
  • Halifax Logistics Park
  • Grand Opening Celebration during Halifax Port Days held for Nova Cold Storage, a new temperature control facility in Halifax Logistics Park 
  • Undertook one-on-one Business Development Tours of Halifax Logistics Park
  • Development of the Halifax Logistics Park business case
  • Development of lead generation opportunities
  • Amour Transportation highlighted as a success story in HLP
  • Participation at, and sponsor of, Cargo Logistics Canada Trade Show in Vancouver 
  • Development of Halifax Gateway trade booth
  • Participation in Halifax Port Days raised profile of HLP
  • Increased Air Access
  • Presented to key Canadian airlines officials to build further community relations 
  • Presented to Europe AirPost and secured their commitment to providing direct flights between Halifax, Glasgow and Paris
  • Europe AirPost campaign promoted new direct flights from Halifax to Paris and Glasgow
  • Refinement of business case to support Air Route Development Strategy
  • Provided marketing support to Icelandair for continued growth and retention of flights 
  • Supported Globetrotter's 4-Seasons magazines with article and ads to encourage travel between Germany and Halifax
  • Marketing support for Air Canada's London Heathrow flight
  • 2013-2014 Stats
    • 8.6 million metric tonnes of cargo moved through port
    • Over 250,000 cruise passengers visited Halifax
    • HIAA welcomed 3.6 million air passengers
    • Air cargo reached more than 29,000 metric tonnes