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Port a key part of Halifax Gateway

Tue March 13, 2012

In light of recent coverage about the Port of Halifax, we need to step back and look at the bigger picture for Halifax as a trade gateway.

We have a very coordinated effort locally among the port, airport, rail, trucking companies and other members of the supply chain to ensure Halifax can maximize its potential as the eastern gateway to North America. Halifax’s two container terminals, as they stand now, play an incredibly significant role in that effort. Terminal operators, CN and the Halifax Port Authority have worked locally and globally to broaden the markets that exporters and importers can tap into via Halifax, making our port a key part of our regional trade gateway.

In Halifax, we have strong infrastructure across all modes of transportation. All members of the supply chain are aligned to make moving goods and people to and from Halifax as efficient as possible. Our system is one of which we should be proud.

Closing or moving the South End Container Terminal would be giving up on the strategy we have in place to make Halifax an East Coast trade hub. There has been significant investment in recent years in port infrastructure – including a pier extension currently underway at the South End terminal – to position the port for long-term growth. And long-term growth of our city, our province, and our region will come –this I am certain.

Let’s not allow short-term volatility in the economy to take us off course. We must stick with our strategy, look to the long-term, and promote growth with our existing infrastructure. The Halifax Gateway’s vision is to be the preferred eastern gateway for North America for the economic and social benefit of Canada. Let’s stay the course and work together to achieve that vision.

Joyce Carter
Chairperson, Halifax Gateway Council

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