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New Plan to be Preferred Eastern Gateway

Wed February 24, 2010

The Halifax Gateway Council released its new five-year strategic plan today focused on realizing the vision of Halifax becoming the preferred eastern gateway for North America and the world, driving economic growth in Atlantic Canada and Canada as a whole.

The Council’s 2010—2015 Strategic Plan: Building the Halifax Gateway reinforces its belief in the Halifax Gateway and what it means to the Canadian economy and international trade and commerce. It highlights the Gateway’s role as a key hub for the movement of goods and people to and from the east coast of North America and the world, and as an essential ingredient in growing Canada’s economy.

“As a key component of Canada’s greater transportation system and network, improving the efficiency and competiveness of the Halifax Gateway will produce economic and social benefits for all of Canada,” said Joyce Carter, Chair of the Halifax Gateway Council. “A more efficient gateway reduces costs and increases the competiveness of Canada’s exported goods, while an increase in imports creates jobs and business opportunities for Canadians in Halifax and the rest of Canada.”

The Halifax Gateway has a total economic impact of over $3 billion a year employing over 23,500 people in Nova Scotia.

  • The Port of Halifax creates over 11,000 jobs and $1.5 billion in economic impact, including over $500 million in wages and benefits through its annual operations.
  • The Halifax Stanfield International Airport generates over 12,000 jobs and contributes $1.2 billion in economic impact annually to the provincial economy.
  • It is estimated that Halifax Gateway related rail services produces $170 million in economic output, while long-haul and regional trucking services generate $160 million in economic impact annually.

The Halifax Gateway Council’s new strategic plan will guide the work of the organization as it implements initiatives aimed at innovating the way the Halifax Gateway moves both cargo and people. Over the next five years, the Council will focus on achieving five overarching goals:

  1. Ensuring the Halifax Gateway offers efficient transportation networks to meet shipping and travel needs;
  2. Improving Halifax Gateway infrastructure to capitalize on gateway related business opportunities;
  3. Ensuring government policy supports gateway development and that barriers to trade and travel are minimized;
  4. Establishing the Halifax Gateway brand nationally and internationally; and
  5. Coordinating with the myriad of gateway councils and organizations in Atlantic Canada and supporting the Atlantic Gateway Strategy.

“To realize our vision, the Halifax Gateway must be competitive and able to offer shippers and travelers superior service, connections, value and efficiency,” said Carter. “By collaborating with stakeholders and partners to address key strategic issues, we’re confident Halifax can become the preferred eastern Gateway for North America.”

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