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Halifax Port Authority Joins Digital Global Shipping Platform

Thu August 9, 2018

This news release was originally sent out by the Halifax Port Authority on August 9, 2018.

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA) is pleased to announce it has been invited to join a digital global shipping platform developed by Maersk and IBM through a Collaboration Agreement. HPA will participate in a blockchain-focused global trade digitization solution known as TradeLens.

The goal is to develop a highly secure digital ledger system that promotes the sharing of information across the global shipping industry which can reduce costs, improve productivity, increase the speed of the delivery of goods, and provide transparency. The Maersk-IBM Blockchain will enable the needed safety and security for the digital platform.

The new collaboration will integrate global shipping and trade partners including terminals, shippers, freight forwarders and ports to provide a single shared and trusted view of supply chain transactions. The platform will reduce paperwork with a digital process for documents, offering the potential for significant economic efficiency and improved security. This technology can reduce the need for multiple records and documents that are produced at each point in the supply chain.

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