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Halifax Harbour Bridges: April Newsletter 2010

Thu April 22, 2010

HHB sees record crossings in 2009

Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) completed a record year with over 33 million crossings in 2009, 600,000 more crossings than in 2008. There was a time when this type of growth would be something to celebrate. Now it is a cause for concern because, as a community, we can not afford, economically or environmentally, to build our way out of congestion. We need to make better use of current infrastructure and that means getting people to consider others ways to get around.

Construction Corner - Re-surfacing of the MacKay Bridge

A resurfacing project will take place at the MacKay Bridge this spring and summer. In addition to resurfacing the suspended spans (where the orange cable is visible from the road), the expansion joints and deck panels will be replaced at the main towers.

HHB will work to minimize the disruption to the traveling public. The majority of the work will be done with lane closures during evenings and weekends.

HHB secured $3.7 million of the $7.4 million project from federal infrastructure money.

HHB would like to thank all bridge users and partners in advance for their patience during this project.

Traffic Alerts

HHB is proud to offer an improved traffic alert system. The system is designed to send a brief message to alert bridge users via e-mail or text message when there are significant interruptions to traffic flow during peak travel hours on the Macdonald or MacKay Bridge. Users also have the option of receiving alerts regarding travel on the pedestrian and bicycle lanes on the Macdonald Bridge.

Visit us at for more details and to sign up to receive traffic alerts.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) - Update

The six VMS on the approach roads to the MacKay Bridge will be fully functional by early May. These large signs, three in Dartmouth and three in Halifax, will provide real time information about the conditions on and around the bridge.

Purchased, managed and operated by HHB, the signs are strategically placed to allow drivers to take an alternate route if they wish. For the exact locations of the six signs please visit the “construction centre” at

Media Inquiries

Members of the media with inquiries about the Halifax Gateway can contact:

Nancy Phillips
Executive Director

(902) 490-6003