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Halifax signs "Sister Airport" Agreement with South Korea

Wed October 20, 2010

Halifax International Airport Authority President & CEO Tom Ruth and Incheon International Airport Corporation Executive Vice President Young-Geun Lee each spoke of the mutual benefits of the new arrangement.

"The fact that for the last seven years Incheon and Halifax Stanfield have both led the world in the Airport Service Quality global customer service awards has created a common bond through our shared commitment to superior service," noted Ruth. "This agreement is a terrific opportunity for HSIA and for Nova Scotia," he added. "Incheon is one of the largest, most progressive airports in the world, standing second globally in air cargo traffic and twelfth in the world in passenger numbers."

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, on a trade mission to Asia, also attended the ceremony, and congratulated the two airports for this historic step.

"Business,... local or international, is built on relationships. People, regardless of their geographic location or culture, tend to do business with people they respect and trust," said the Premier. "This historic agreement reflects the respect, trust, and shared values that exist between our airports and our communities. It will also help advance Nova Scotia's gateway initiatives and grow the Nova Scotia economy."

The agreement, the first of its kind for HSIA, has a number of benefits, including increased opportunities for Asian air cargo service through Halifax, as the two airports agreed to contribute to the development of the air transport network between North East Asia and North America.

As well, the two airports agreed to work closely to foster regular discussions to work together to examine growth in international air transport; increased operational efficiency and safety through training, workshop and study visits; marketing collaboration; a staff exchange program to facilitate the exchange of best practices and information; and joint work activities such as research in areas of mutual interest.

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