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The Halifax Gateway: exploring the automotive journey

Mon September 26, 2016

Published by CN.

This feature was originally published by CN in September, 2016.

 Every great road trip has to start somewhere. The vehicles that drive your journey take a trip of their own before coming home to your garage.

For 220,000 vehicles year to date, Halifax has been a key stop along their journey. CN’s Autoport facility at the Port of Halifax is where vehicles arrive in Canada from manufacturers abroad.

Vehicles don’t just pass through Autoport. It is a full-service facility, offering added-value services to our automotive customers. CN’s dedicated Autoport team can handle vehicle inventory management, quality assurance and pre-delivery inspections and release to haul-away carriers. We also have a shop outfitted for mechanical, paint and body-shop work, battery, accessory and air conditioning insulation and wrap guard.

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