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Halifax Port Authority 2010 year-end statistics

Thu January 20, 2011

Steady growth in cargo volumes in 2010:

  • Containerized cargo (in TEUs) grew 26% over 2009
  • Containerized growth attributed to new shipping lines, more frequent port calls and more cargo with existing lines, plus expanded trade routes
  • Breakbulk cargo (e.g.: machinery, metals, forest products) up 23.7% over 2009
  • Bulk cargo (e.g.: oil imports and gypsum exports) down 14.0% over 2009
  • Ro/Ro cargo (e.g.: automobiles) up 15.9% over 2009
  • Cruise passenger count up 14.7% over 2009 with 261,216 passengers – a record year for Halifax

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