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Halifax International Airport’s Runway Extension

Aerial photo of Halifax Stanfield International AirportExtending Halifax Stanfield’s main runway means jobs, growth and opportunity – for Halifax, for Nova Scotia and all of Maritime Canada.

  • This project will create positive economic spin-offs that will be felt right across the province and the region in the years ahead.
  • Extending the main runway from 8,800 to about 10,500 feet will allow Halifax Stanfield to handle larger wide-bodied and heavy aircraft. This will enhance the airport’s position as a key international air cargo and passenger hub.
  • Extending the main runway means cargo freighters can operate year round and with heavier loads, even in inclement weather. This, in turn, means Nova Scotia and Maritime Canadian products - particularly seafood - can be exported overseas more efficiently, fetching higher market prices.
  • In 2009, Halifax Stanfield International Airport moved 29 thousand tonnes of international air cargo. Over the next decade, this air cargo traffic is forecast to grow by between 85 percent and 130 percent.

Funding for this project comes from three sources: Province of Nova Scotia; Government of Canada; and the Halifax International Airport Authority

  • Halifax International Airport Authority and its many supporters have been promoting the benefits of this opportunity to the provincial and federal governments for the last few years and applaud both governments for supporting this initiative.
  • The Provincial Government will invest $5 million; the Federal Government will provide $9 million; with the remainder (approx. $14 million) provided by the Airport Authority.

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