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Atlantic Gateway-Halifax Logistics Park Development

Map of the Atlantic Gateway-Halifax Logistics Park development in Halifax, NSThe Atlantic Gateway–Halifax Logistics Park is a multi-phased real estate development project dedicated to the development of logistics and warehousing activity (distribution, transload, warehouse, cold storage, etc.) that supports the operations of the Port of Halifax.

Development Details

  • Phase 1 of the project is currently underway comprising ~140 acres of serviced lots, of which 50 acres have already been developed.
  • Phase 1 of the park has already attracted tenants engaged in transloading, distribution and warehousing activities including: Consolidated Fastfrate, Armour Transportation, Mathers Logistics and others.
  • Phase 2 comprises 128 acres of land diagonally adjacent to Phase 1.
  • There is the potential for another 250 acres in the area for future development opportunities.

Atlantic Gateway-Halifax Logistics Park Benefits

Cargo ship at the Port of HalifaxBenefits to a company locating in the Atlantic Gateway–Halifax Logistics Park include:

  • Allows for goods shipped from overseas to Atlantic Canada, Central Canada, the US Midwest, and the US Eastern Seaboard to reach regional distribution centres or arrive direct-to-store faster, cheaper, and safer.
  • Offers importers and exporters direct, fast and affordable access to worldwide markets with links to the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and the Far East via the Suez Canal and European markets.
  • Eliminates the need to ship empty containers back to Halifax from inland markets, for regional exporters sending cargoes to Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Reduces ocean freight costs by ensuring the marine containers stay at the Port.
  • Provides double-stacked rail service which allows for quicker access to central Canada and US Midwest markets (including Montreal, Toronto and Chicago) than any other eastern North American port.
  • Offers exporters the opportunity to take advantage of good all water connectivity to Asia on a variety of carriers.
  • Halifax is connected to both Suez and Panama shipping services and well positioned for bigger ships, especially important post Panama Canal expansion.
  • Provides new Greenfield development opportunities for transload, distribution and warehousing among other things.
  • Capitalizes on a strong export cargo market, including temperature-controlled cargo.
  • Provides local expertise and networking which enables regional warehousing and distribution, reloading for exports, crossdocking, and value-added logistics services.
  • The Port of Halifax has a leading reputation for being a secure international port of call.

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