Strategic Canadian location for the efficient movement of goods and people by road, rail, air and sea.


Halifax Gateway Activities

Logistics Park Committee

Logistics Park Committee activities include:

Air Gateway Committee

The Air Gateway Committee works on marketing initiatives that will sustain and grow air routes and capacity. Activities include:

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works collaboratively on specific items dealing with brand and the integration of the multi-modal message of the Halifax Gateway. Activities include:

Cruise Homeport Committee

The Cruise Homeport Committee works collaboratively on strengthening the Port of Halifax's position as a niche home and turnaround port for targeted cruise lines. Activities include:

  • Creation of cruise collateral in partnership with small ports of Nova Scotia.
  • Annual participation in both the New England Cruise Symposium and Sea Trade Europe, which includes trade show and sales calls.
  • Between 2008 – 2010 the Halifax Cruise Homeport Committee has successfully delivered four to five turnarounds with established cruise lines at the Port of Halifax.
  • Completed a research study on maximizing cruise turnaround business, including strengths and opportunities, economic benefits and key markets.
  • Future activities will include outreach to industry to communicate cruise strategy and continually identify opportunities to work collaboratively with partners.

Loaded cargo ship leaving the Port of Halifax

2013-2014 Highlights

Maximize Mega Projects
  • APEC research study described impact of $115B in Mega Projects on region. 
  • Mega Projects map created to promote investments in Atlantic Canada 
  • Mega Project awareness event with industry panel held in Mississauga 
  • Events in Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Dusseldorf-Neuss to raise awareness of Mega Projects 
  • Mega Projects map distributed to all Canadian Embassies in European Union
  • Maximize Free Trade Agreements 
  • Delivered a Gateway mission to Europe focused on CETA messaging and awareness: Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Dusseldorf-Neuss
  • CETA Cold Chain mapping brochure created and translated for Vietnamese Market
  • Hosted delegation from China briefed on the benefits of doing business with Halifax Gateway
  • Presented to the CIIT Parliamentary Standing Committee on early opportunities from CETA
  • Halifax Logistics Park
  • Grand Opening Celebration during Halifax Port Days held for Nova Cold Storage, a new temperature control facility in Halifax Logistics Park 
  • Undertook one-on-one Business Development Tours of Halifax Logistics Park
  • Development of the Halifax Logistics Park business case
  • Development of lead generation opportunities
  • Amour Transportation highlighted as a success story in HLP
  • Participation at, and sponsor of, Cargo Logistics Canada Trade Show in Vancouver 
  • Development of Halifax Gateway trade booth
  • Participation in Halifax Port Days raised profile of HLP
  • Increased Air Access
  • Presented to key Canadian airlines officials to build further community relations 
  • Presented to Europe AirPost and secured their commitment to providing direct flights between Halifax, Glasgow and Paris
  • Europe AirPost campaign promoted new direct flights from Halifax to Paris and Glasgow
  • Refinement of business case to support Air Route Development Strategy
  • Provided marketing support to Icelandair for continued growth and retention of flights 
  • Supported Globetrotter's 4-Seasons magazines with article and ads to encourage travel between Germany and Halifax
  • Marketing support for Air Canada's London Heathrow flight
  • 2013-2014 Stats
    • 8.6 million metric tonnes of cargo moved through port
    • Over 250,000 cruise passengers visited Halifax
    • HIAA welcomed 3.6 million air passengers
    • Air cargo reached more than 29,000 metric tonnes