Strategic Canadian location for the efficient movement of goods and people by road, rail, air and sea.

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Halifax Gateway Council

North American Railway, CN, ships products intermodal in Halifax, NS

Established in 2004, The Halifax Gateway Council (HGC) provides a forum for transportation providers and stakeholders in the Halifax region to work collaboratively to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the Gateway for the movement of goods and people.

Funded by both the public and private sector, the HGC:

  • Seeks to establish partnerships to increase business through the Halifax Gateway
  • Conducts research and studies related to the Gateway
  • Positions the Gateway to Government for funding
  • Markets Halifax as an international trade hub with a competitive geographic location

The HGC is managed by the Halifax Partnership and led by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from private and public organizations that rely on the Halifax transportation system to bring people and goods to and from Halifax and other areas around the world.

Read the Halifax Gateway Council’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

What is the difference between the Halifax Gateway Council and the Atlantic Gateway Council?

The HGC focuses on improving the efficiency of the Halifax Gateway and marketing the city as a competitive international trade hub based on its geographic location, while the Atlantic Gateway Council represents all four Atlantic provinces.

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